There are a lot of book coaches to choose from and, of course, you want to choose one you trust and whose process fits your style. Because I’m a professional publisher and have taught writing at the University level, I have the credentials to guide you through the process of getting your book published and promoted.

But what really sets me apart is the process I’ve developed to take you from your concept to manuscript to your cover to marketing your book. This soup-to-nuts approach will guide you to write a book that will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with anything out there on the market. And that’s what you want. Not some slapped together book that will get lost in the crowd, but a professionally written, packaged and marketed product that will have a lasting impact on your readers.

Some writing coaches suggest that you can write your book in ninety days, or in one month, or even in a weekend. That is not my approach. It takes a lot of thought and effort to construct a quality product and get your book published, and that takes time.

I don’t subscribe to the write-a-book-in-a-hurry method because it wastes time, energy, and dollars, and ultimately produces a substandard product.

If you have never written a book, you probably don’t know how to get started. And how would you? Writing a book is much different from writing a blog, or an article, or even a short nonfiction piece. Before you start writing you need a BookMAPTM, and before you can develop your BookMAPTM, you need to start by answering some critical Foundational Questions that express the heart and soul of your book. These steps are part of the process I developed to help my clients jumpstart the process and save time, money, energy, and frustration.

I guide my clients to write a book that will serve as a platform through which they can deliver their message in multiple venues. We construct your book in Chapter Silos, and when your book is finished, you can lift out any chapter and expand it into a workshop, seminar, keynote, etc.


Book Coach process to published

I know of no other book professional who has this approach to helping you get your book published and promoted.

When your book is finished, you can lift out any chapter and expand it into a workshop, seminar, keynote, etc.

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Nancy L. Erickson, B.A., M.F.A.; English Faculty, Lindenwood University; Owner of Stonebrook Publishing; International Book Coach; Public Speaker; Author; Editor; Determined to “Change the World, One Reader at a Time”