The Book Professor's Published Authors

The Book Professor’s Published Authors

Look who’s writing a book with The Book Professor!

Book Coach The Book ProfessorCPA Lisa Bushur came to me because she wanted to write a book
that would help families save money on their taxes. The result is Tax Path for Middle-Income Families, the first in a series Lisa has planned to help Americans keep more of their hard-earned money.

Lisa is now a published authors and wrote her book through The Book Professor’s Group Book Coaching for Executives online course.

Lisa’s book has been optioned by Thompson Reuters, and they will use it as a Continuing Education Course for CPAs.

13a with borderWritten by the Helen Gennari, From the Heart of An Abandoned Daughter is a rich work about growing up with and surviving the trauma of family violence. It highlights the inner struggle of the author’s childhood attempt to cope with a terrorizing father and a mother who was so focused on survival that she had to block her own feelings and, consequently, disconnect from her children, leaving them to feel emotionally abandoned rather than protected.

I worked with Helen through one-to-one coaching, and every minute was a delight!

Book CoachDavid J.P. Fisher (D. Fish) is a sought-after speaker, coach, and author. Building on 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and sales professional, he combines nuanced strategy and real-world tactics to help professionals become more effective, efficient, and happy. As the president of RockStar Consulting, he works with individuals and organizations to develop more effective networking, sales, and entrepreneurial skills. He is the author of Networking in the 21st Century: Why Your Network Sucks and What to do About It.  He lives in Evanston, IL – next to a huge cemetery which helps him appreciate the value of every day.

David brought me an incomplete manuscript for editing. After that, I hooked David up with my book designer to produce this fabulous product!

KB Tan 7Kimberly Burke is a woman on a mission. She sets goals and nothing, but nothing, can stop her from achieving them, and she shows other how to do it in her book The Code to Greatness. Kimberly Burke is a growth coach, goal getter, and transformational speaker. She is the founder of QKE 4 Growth and she facilitates a Personal Growth Series that focuses on these four areas: financial literacy, goal setting, leadership development, and personal branding. Kimberly’s realistic experiences, cutting-edge growth strategies, innovative tools, and comprehensive workbooks are all used to meet the needs of her clients. Kimberly brought me a complete manuscript for editing and is now a published authors.

blogheadJoe Fingerhut is a youth speaker who empowers people to have a positive, powerful impact on their world be creatively challenging them to overcome obstacles and be their best selves. Joe envisions a world where people take action instead of placing blame, where possibility is more prominent than limits, where hunger for learning is greater than the fear of the unknown.

Joe’s book, Permission to Play details how one average Joe used the death of a young friend to propel him from college campus to continents and dream jobs. For any young person uncertain of their future and about to embark on “the rest of their life,” this book is required reading, and offers hope that the next steps can be better than they can imagine.

Joe wrote his book through The Book Professor’s Group Book Coaching for Executives online course.




Attorney Mariquita Barbieri is a one-to-one coaching client, and she is writing a business book that will revolutionize the distribution industry. Based on her experience as corporate counsel at DuPont Nutrition & Health, Mariquita’s book that will help businesses of all sizes take control of their distribution network, free up their sales people to sell, and increase overall profits.



Transitions Coach, Nancy Nelson is writing Lessons from the Ledge, a guide for women in crisis that shows them how to dig into their resiliency, push past the pitfalls, and reframe the pain, so they can thrive rather than just survive.

Nancy shares her story of her husband’s suicide and offers encouragement for women who are suffering such crises. She is writing her book through The Book Professor’s Group Book Coaching for Executives online course.


Kris_Reed-Edens_20110330_smKristen Reed Edens’ book The Shy Girl’s Guide to Business Ownership will help business owners and entrepreneurs discover the shortcuts and solutions to building a stronger, more successful business. Kristen has interviewed hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs and offers their collective wisdom on how to build a business and avoid the pitfalls.

I worked with Kristen individually through One-to-one coaching.

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