White-Glove Book Concierge
Worldwide Distribution & Publishing
Share Your Vision
Elevate Your Status
Create a Lasting Legacy
Write, Edit, Publish, Market, and

Distribute Your Book Worldwide

In 12 to 18 months, You Will Have a Professionally Published

High-Impact Nonfiction Book in 4 Formats: 

Hard Cover
Soft Cover

That Will Be Distributed
and Marketed Worldwide!
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I work in lockstep with you to craft a white-glove experience that is exciting, enjoyable, simpler, and fulfilling.  We streamline the process, which saves you time and produces a professionally published book product of influence and authority that will make you proud.

It's your bold opportunity to share your vision, elevate your status,

and create your lasting legacy. 
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Together, during six private, VIP strategy sessions,
we create a visual mind map for each chapter of your book 

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We work intimately together to write and edit your powerful, high-impact book manuscript.

We follow a dynamic process
where you write one chapter, then send it to me for editing, while you write the next chapter. 

When all chapter are written, I conduct a comprehensive final edit to prepare it for publishing.

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Our expert team of artists, designers, proofreaders, and copywriters produce your

professional book product in 4 formats:

Hard Cover
Soft Cover

We perform many tasks using our experienced, professional team.

Here’s what you can expect:

  •  4 original book cover concepts for you to choose from 
  •  A thorough proofread of your entire book content 
  •  A custom layout for your book pages
  • A professional proof copy of your book for your review and approval
  • Books printed via print-on-demand
  • 25 copies of your hardcover book
  • 25 copies of your softcover book
  • A high-quality audiobook 
  • Copyright registration with the United States Library of Congress 
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Worldwide Distribution and Marketing 

Our team of experts will do the following
distribute and market your book:

  •  Distribute your book worldwide 
  •   Write 12 blog articles from the content of your book 
  • Create 52 social media posts
  • Submit your book to 2 book award contests
  •  Create a book/author website
  • Create a professional book trailer
  • Teach you how to conduct a podcast tour
  •  Promote your book through our distinct channels 
  • Create an Amazon bestseller campaign

Nancy is hands-on every step of the way, and as the weeks roll by the messages and the chapters fall into place. She is clear on how things need to be done, and the end product is a highly professional work with all aspects of editing included.

Stu Wittner, Author 

A Win a Day: What I Learned from Basketball that Made Me Sales Professional

Nancy’s structured process for developing a nonfiction manuscript was the adrenaline shot I needed to write my book. It not only provided structure for the story, but also improved my writing skills.

Clay Boatright, Author

God’s Plan, Our Circus:
A Family Odyssey through Autism, Death, and Reinvention

While I am passionate about the content of my book, it would not have been possible without the able guidance and professionalism of Nancy Erickson. A seasoned writer in her own right and a consummate book writing coach, she showed me the way.

Fitzroy Dawkins, MD, Author

Fighting for Survival: Conquering Cancer and the African American Patient Reinvention

I knew I wanted to write and publish my memoir, but I had no idea how. Nancy's step-by-step process made my goal achievable and produced an award-winning product. If you have a book in you, she will help make it a reality.

Nicole Bell, Author 

What Lurks in the Woods: Struggle and Hope in the Midst of Chronic Illness

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