The Book Professor® would like to congratulate three of our authors for winning a 2020 NYC Big Book Award this fall.

The NYC Big Book Award recognizes excellent books by independent authors and publishers each year in over 100 categories, including both fiction and nonfiction.

Three of this year’s winners wrote and published their books with help from The Book Professor®.

Maryanne Dersch, first place in the Nonprofit category for Courageous Communication: How Codependence is Making Your Nonprofit Brand Boring and What to Do about It.

Dersch is the founder of Courageous Communications, which coaches nonprofits on how best to tell their stories and draw donors. Her book advises nonprofits to get clear on their audience and mission, develop organizational personality, and then advertise their story with boldness, rather than trying too hard to be like other nonprofits or please every segment of potential donors.

“I am so proud of this,” Dersch says of the NYC Big Book Award. “I love my book because it represents me and what I know, and it’s true to my voice. To have others appreciate that as well has been amazing.”

Dersch struggled for years to write her book and succeeded thanks to The Book Professor’s services. Since its publication, the book has helped Dersch attract nonprofits in need of her services. She brings book copies to her speaking engagements and has used the material to submit articles and blog posts to online publications.

“The book established my credibility as an expert and thought leader, and gave me an easy way to share what I know and keep me in top-of-mind awareness,” she says.

Lindsey Jacobs, first place in the category Sports/Nonfiction forStronger: From Trials to Triathlete to Triumph.

This book tells the true story of Lindsey Jacob’s journey from an unhappy life and marriage to victory as a triathlete. When her life came apart, she turned to her one constant—running—to carry her through, and in the process, she discovered new reserves of strength within herself.

“Writing a book has been a lifelong dream of mine,” Jacobs says. “When I was finally able to hold my book with my name on it, I was over the moon with excitement.”

Since the book’s release in January 2020, Jacobs has participated in podcast interviews and advertised her book on social media. When COVID restrictions loosen, she hopes to promote the book at large athletic events such as races and gain a stronger platform to share her message of perseverance and hope.

Jacobs says she was in “complete shock” when she learned her book had received this award. She has enjoyed the excitement and celebration that come with the honor. “People have been so supportive and celebratory of my success,” she says.

Nancy Nelson, first place in the category Small Books for Lessons from the Ledge: A Little Book about Big Stuff.

“There is no manual for survivors of suicide,” says the opening sentence of Nelson’s book blurb. Nelson writes from a place of authority: her husband committed suicide when they were in the process of divorce, leaving Nelson and her children to piece their lives back together.

Nelson jokingly describes her past self as “an author who never found the time to write.” Her husband’s suicide prompted her to embrace this desire and chronicle her journey in a concrete way. “Beautiful blessings have arisen from the ashes” of that situation, Nelson says.

She wrote the book to help other survivors of suicide move forward, but found that the writing process helped her own internal healing just as much. “Nancy [Erickson] always said ‘Your book writes you as you write it,’ and truer words were never spoken,” Nelson says.

Nelson has promoted her book online, on podcast interviews, and at author fairs. She leaves postcards of the book cover on bulletin boards whenever she travels. She has faith that those who need the book most will find their way to it.

Nelson says she was honored to win the NYC Book Award in this category. “It is nice to have the validation of what I already know: it is a very good book written by me about my truth,” she says. Being an award-winning author is just the icing on the cake.

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