It’s almost Christmas!

Is your holiday gifting under wraps?

Sometimes we struggle to find a holiday gift that is meaningful and memorable, so we put it off until the last minute…then we grab whatever we can find because we’re just out of energy and ideas.


Don’t let that happen this year!


It may be last minute but that doesn’t mean your gift can’t still be heartfelt and meaningful.

Do you know an aspiring writer? Someone who absolutely NEEDS to write a book because of the personal story they have to tell or the experience they can share?

We all have meaningful gifts inside us that allow us to create beauty in the world and to change the lives of others for the better. And there’s still time to give a gift that will foster the talents and ambitions of your family and friends who have a story to tell.

They don’t have to be a writer to become an author. All they need to have is an idea.

Taking that idea from its initial seed to a finished manuscript is where I come in, and that finished product can and WILL change lives, save lives, and transform society.

This gift can move them forward and change their future for the better.


This year I’m offering gift certificates for a short book coaching session for prospective authors who need guidance from an international book writing and publishing coach. My consultation services are available at a discounted rate to help those who are ready to move their non-fiction book forward.

I hope this holiday gift idea for the aspiring writer in your life will provide you with the perfect solution that is perfectly convenient! It’s available right now and you can purchase it right where you are by clicking “I want this!” in the form below: