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brand yourself

How establishing a clear purpose as a speaker is essential in getting booked

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When you head to the movie theater, chances are you’ve already read about the plot or watched a trailer or two. If you purchase a book, you may have heard about the basic premise from someone else or you read the back cover. The point is, before you commited your time and money to either of these, you had a good idea of what you were getting into. No one wants to invest valuable time or money into something before they know what to expect. The same is true when it comes to booking public speakers.

Brand yourself to show people what you are all about

If you want to prove yourself as a desirable speaker and land more speaking engagements, you need to establish a clear purpose. When you try to appeal to every audience, you don’t stand out as an expert in anything. If you brand yourself as an authority in a specific field, you are more likely to get booked to speak at relevant events.

So how can you decide on your personal brand and purpose?brand yourself

It’s important to take a closer look at who you are, what you do, and what messages you hope to convey through your public speaking. If you are a personal finance expert, maybe your purpose is to help the average person better understand their finances and manage them. If you are a domestic abuse survivor, maybe your purpose is to tell your story of survival and help others recognize dangerous situations and see that they are strong enough to get out.

Be unique

Your personal brand and purpose might be similar to others within the same field, so what makes you so special? When you brand yourself, make sure that your purpose sets you apart from the rest. Make your message one that people will be dying to hear. If you want to get booked, you need to be like a great movie trailer — catch people’s interest and leave them wanting more.

Show the world you are available

You could be an excellent public speaker with a wealth of knowledge, but how will anyone ever find you if they don’t know you are available? If you want to brand yourself as an expert and public speaker, you will need to put information about your skills online so that the people who are interested in booking you can find you.

A bio is essential, as people will want to know your background, including relevant personal, professional, and academic achievements. There should be a clear statement, separate from your bio, stating the topics that you address for your public speaking engagements. That clarity alone will give a valuable preview of your unique message.

Visuals are always useful to catch people’s eyes, so whenever possible, include videos and photos of yourself in action. You want to demonstrate that you are confident and captivating in front of an audience.

Find your purpose and be the best you

As I always say, you are the only one who can tell your story. Explore yourself and your story to decide what your purpose is as a speaker, and then commit to the brand you have put forward. Clarity and confidence are sure to lead to more speaking engagements on your calendar.

Of course, one of the best ways to establish yourself as an expert in your field is to write a book, and it would be my privilege to show you how.


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Become a More Profitable Public Speaker by Writing Your First Book

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PROFITABLE-PUBLIC-SPEAKER-MAKE-MORE-MONEY-WRITE-A-BOOKPublic speaking can be a highly lucrative career, but it’s not one you can jump into overnight. When event organizers are looking for someone to speak, they are generally looking for someone who is an expert in a particular topic and/or is well known. Obviously, they also want someone who is well spoken and can tell a story, and who can tell a story better than a writer?

Being a published author gives you credibility and shows that you are an expert or authority on a particular topic. As an author, you have already proven that you can communicate your message, so event organizers are more likely to take you seriously as a possible candidate for a public speaking gig. New York Times Best Selling Authors can earn anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000 for a single speaking engagement (Source) but you don’t have to be on the Best Sellers list to book an event. The standard starting rate for non-fiction authors is between $2,500 and $5,000, plus the cost of travel and accommodations. (Source) By publishing your own non-fiction book, you become eligible for a pretty good pay rate right out of the gate.

By writing a non-fiction book, you present yourself as an authority on that book’s topic. Not only can you give talks based off the title and general subject matter of your book; you can also break your book down by chapter and address its issues in more detail. You put a lot of hard work into crafting your book, and that work can continue to pay off if you can repurpose your content into speaking events.

A well-written non-fiction book will cover a wide variety of topics within the target subject matter, so it’s very likely that at least 75% of your chapters could be broken out and expanded upon at a public speaking event. You could even consider this a chance to expand upon theories, information, and research that didn’t quite make the cut for the final version of your book. Research, relevant personal narratives, and data that might have weighed down your book can be utilized at public speaking events, allowing you to give your audience something extra, while also enticing them to read your book so that they dive into other aspects of the subject.  

Public speaking events give you a chance to connect with your audience directly and win them over by exposing them to your personality and demonstrating your passion for the subject matter. Events can serve as an avenue to get more information in front of the audience and further establish yourself as a true expert.

Get started writing your book today

If you are ready to write a book and start booking public speaking engagements, I can help. I frequently work with public speakers, life coaches, inspirational leaders, and business executives and show them how to write a book that will take their careers to the next level.

My Online Writing Courses are designed for busy professionals who want guidance on how to write their book and get it right the first time. The online courses involve three modules: From Concept to Concrete Plan, Write Without Ruts, and Polish and Perfect. You can choose to take these modules in a group setting over the course of 16 weeks or choose the self-paced route that will allow you to go through the modules whenever you have spare time. For those of you looking to tackle your book head on, I also offer one-on-one mentoring which will allow us to accomplish the same goals from the 16 week online course in only 6 sessions.

The sooner you finish your book, the sooner you can start presenting yourself as an expert in your field. A published book is an invaluable asset when it comes to proving your credibility, and will most certainly improve your reputation and notoriety, resulting in a steady stream of public speaking engagements. All you have to do is start writing and be willing to work hard to get yourself in front of an audience. Let’s get started.

If you need help to write your book, consider one of my nonfiction book coaching programs:

author-coaching-book-coach-online-writing-class-get-my-book-outAbout Nonfiction Book Writing & Publishing Expert Nancy Erickson

Nancy Erickson is better known as “The Book Professor,” a writing and publishing consultant who specializes in helping aspiring nonfiction authors bring their book ideas to market. Nancy works as abook coach assisting authors that write self-help books, biographies, business books, and other nonfiction books through online courses and book coaching. Contact Nancy with questions or to have her speak at your upcoming event by clicking here.


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