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New Year’s Resolutions – Imagine Your Life as An Author

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When did you realize you had a story to tell?

Was it when you were a child, as you were watching events unfold around you? Did you know that you were seeing or experiencing something powerful before you even had the full vocabulary to express it to anyone?

Was it when you were an adolescent, as you bridged into your teenage years and your relationships started to take on new meaning and significance? Did you feel your more grown-up observations form as you tried to make sense of a world that changed fast — but less quickly than you did at that time?

What about as a young adult when you entered the workforce or college or marriage? How did it feel to take on those new responsibilities? Did you handle them well, or are there things from that time you still need to sort through?

Was there a turning point in your career? A significant change in relationships such as a birth, a sickness, or a death?

What about an opportunity missed? Was there a botched opportunity, or a mistake that turned out to give you greater clarity and forward motion?

How have you thought about your story since you decided you wanted to tell it?

It is now 2016, the start of a brand new year where we have the symbolic opportunity to make brand new decisions about how we want our lives to be from this point forward. What goals do you have for 2016?

I want to get my book out!

Or maybe you have already broken it down into pieces:

  • Gather my scattered thoughts about this book–what do I even want to say?
  • Set a regular schedule to sit down and write.
  • Finally finish chapter 1!

This year will pass, no matter what we do or don’t do. Why not set the course to do something that will allow you to finally have a completed manuscript at the end of it?

Here are 3 ways I can help you realize this goal:

Get My Book Out!™, an Online Course for Aspiring Authors

Get My Book Out!™ is your complete guide to get your nonfiction book out of your head and into the hands of your future readers in less than one year. My step-by-step online course includes 3 modules of lessons, a wealth of downloadable guides, and support from your fellow writers. Are you confident that with the right course you can write your book on your own time at your own pace? Click here to learn more!

Group Book Coaching for Executives

Through three 16-week modules in my exclusive online writing course, I work directly with busy executives and help them develop their nonfiction book concept, organize their material, and write a book that will change lives, save lives, or transform society. This course offers the advantages of a personally available writing coach and the structure of an academic course at a high-value price point. Would you like to write your book with the hands-on support of a coach and peers? Click here to learn more!

One-on-One Book Coaching

As your private book writing coach, I will work with you one-on-one every 2-3 weeks through six (6) 90-minute Skype sessions where we will plan your nonfiction book project, and work to build it piece-by-piece. You will have “homework” to complete between sessions so that you can make significant progress on the foundation of your book and write a piece that can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the best books on the market.  Do you want the most exclusive and customized book coaching experience to get your book out FAST? Click here to learn more!

You’ve imagined the story you would tell and you’ve imagined the kind of goals you would like to realize this year, but how you would like your life to feel this year and after?

Imagine your life as an author. How will it feel to know that you’ve:

  • Worked hard and been disciplined
  • Set a goal and achieved it
  • Completed something big that most people will never do
  • Created an opportunity for more income for yourself
  • Started down a path to write more books
  • Told your first story

And that is just the beginning, your first story. How much more is stored in your heart?

If that vision of Future Author You is still forming, here are some other opportunities for you to connect to that energy and know where to start when the time is right:

  • Sign up for my newsletter below to receive great writing tips and tricks each month right in your inbox!
  • Attend this special event on January 20th online or January 27th in person to learn 10 Mistakes New Authors Make (and How to Avoid Them!)

Here’s to you, Future Author! Let’s make 2016 a wonderful, meaningful year.


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It's time to tell your story. Introducing... GET MY BOOK OUT!™

It’s time to tell your story. Introducing… GET MY BOOK OUT!™

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Three weeks ago, I quietly launched a VIP preview of my new program Get My Book Out!

Today, I’m THRILLED to announce that I’ve officially opened up enrollment for Get My Book Out!™  for EVERYONE who wants to get their first nonfiction book out of their head and into the hands of readers!

Get My Book Out!  is unlike any other program I’ve ever seen – the culmination of nearly 25 years of publishing experience, resulting in a comprehensive program that will show you exactly how to write your nonfiction book in order to:

  • Establish yourself an as expert
  • Increase your professional credibility
  • Share your powerful story, and
  • Make an impact with your message!

If you’ve struggled with clarity – or felt like you’re stuttering to start that first book, but you KNOW you have something to share that people NEED to hear, THIS is your chance to crystallize your vision and write a book that is TRULY POWERFUL.

Get My Book Out! is a step-by-step online system that will guide you through writing your first book. When you enroll in this program, you will receive:

  1. A FULL YEAR OF ACCESS TO ALL 3 MODULES. Taken one per week, your course (and your book!) will be complete in 42 weeks. With 12 months of access, you will enjoy an additional 10 weeks to refer back to any of the lessons that got you to the finish line.
  2. LIFETIME ACCESS TO ALL COMPANION MATERIALS. Each module comes with companion guides, worksheets, checklists, and other materials to help you through the process of writing your book. Download these guides and refer to them often!
  3. ACCESS TO A MEMBERS-ONLY SUPPORT COMMUNITY. As an added support for members of this exclusive first-launch group, we are providing access to our private Facebook group, where I’ll periodically post resources & advice. In this group, you’ll have the support of all of your fellow writers who are going through every step of this process WITH YOU.

If you’re ready to hold your book in your hand, and release that knowledge to the world, I am ready too! I’m holding open registration for this initial launch through October 22nd. If you are ready to get started, click here to register now!

As an added bonus to those who enroll in this program, I’m will be providing 4 BONUS VIDEOS that will help you start to develop that story. These will be delivered in your first 30 days as you develop and clarify your story.

Click here to join Get My Book Out!™  and to start writing your first nonfiction book today!

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