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Author Feature: Maryanne Dersch-Helping Nonprofits Develop their Own Personality and Attract Long-Term Donors

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When you hear the term nonprofit organization, you might think of groups like The American Red Cross, Girl Scouts of America, and Habitat for Humanity, just to name a few. All of these groups do wonderful work and have provided assistance and guidance to millions of people across the globe. But when you work for a nonprofit and are responsible for soliciting donors, you quickly realize the intricate planning and strategizing that must be executed to succeed. Nonprofit fundraising is not easy. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could attract more long-term committed donors year after year? “If only it were that easy,” you might think. With the right guidance and innovative strategy in place, it can be.

Meet Maryanne Dersch, Principal of Courageous Communication, LLC, Strategist and Resident Extrovert at 501creative

Maryanne Dersch has spent more than 25 years working in the nonprofit world, where she helps clients reach their communication and branding goals. As Strategist and Resident Extrovert at 501creative, she generates new business, gives workshops, writes messaging, and facilitates focus groups and discovery sessions. From this experience and her experience with cognitive behavioral therapy and behavior change psychology, she believes that teaching people how to communicate more efficiently requires a change of feelings, which changes their thinking and then changes their behaviors. As a leader within your nonprofit, if you see your organization as smart, stable, interesting, confident and strong, then you can begin to communicate more effectively about it to others. Look at the feelings and thinking FIRST, then the behavior.

Nonprofit Fundraising: Attract Like-Minded Donors and Raise More Money

nonprofit fundraising Maryanne Dersch

Maryanne Dersch

Because of her successful career in nonprofit branding and communications, Maryanne came to us with a book idea to help other non-profits achieve the same success. Maryanne is writing the book: Courageous Communication: How Co-dependence is Making Your Nonprofit Brand Boring and What to Do About It. The purpose of this book is to show nonprofit organizations how to stop trying to be everything to everyone and to develop their own organizational personality, so they can attract like-minded donors and raise more money. This book that can help you reach new non-profit fundraising goals will be available in 2018. Known by friends for her love of her three adoptive children, ultra high heels, extra large Diet Cokes, and very short karaoke rotations, you won’t want to miss Maryanne’s take on this topic. Mark your calendars!

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