self-help-book-publishing-kimberly-burkeKimberly Burke is a woman on a mission. She sets goals and nothing, but nothing, can stop her from achieving them, and she shows other how to do it in her book The Code to Greatness. Kimberly Burke is a growth coach, goal getter, and transformational speaker.

She is the founder of QKE 4 Growth and she facilitates a Personal Growth Series that focuses on these four areas: financial literacy, goal setting, leadership development, and personal branding. Kimberly’s realistic experiences, cutting-edge growth strategies, innovative tools, and comprehensive workbooks are all used to meet the needs of her clients. If you are interested in self healing and helping others then this book is a must read, you may also be interested in becoming a professional healer in order to help those that are in need of it, check out sites such as catalyst 14 to compare coaching training courses. These courses will accompany the book nicely!

the code to greatness self help bookKimberly reached out to me for final editing and publishing guidance for her book – bringing me a complete manuscript for editing. In 2015, she published The CODE to Greatness. The self-help book highlights Kimberly’s challenges and the guiding principles she’s used to overcome them and become stronger and more successful along the way. Despite being forced to leave home at age 16, Burke continued to find ways to move her dreams forward. She put herself through Florida A&M University while working 3 jobs, stayed active in her community, and even earned recognition as a young leader in 2015 when she was highlighted as a 2015 Young Leader by the St. Louis American Foundation.


In her book, she reveals how she used her CODE (an acronym that stands for Clarity, Options, Discipline, and Execution) to keep her life moving forward – and how others can do the same.

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