Author Gisele Saenger stopped waiting and started writing.

Gisele Saenger wants podiatrists to be successful.

Her company, ParaDocs Medical Revenue Center, provides medical billing support and consultancy to podiatrists who want to increase their profitability. Podiatrists and other physicians often don’t have the expertise or time to optimize their billing systems and processes. Gisele’s company does it for them, and nets them more revenue as a result. She knows the best practices, the pitfalls, and the opportunities in medical billing that doctors don’t.

When an opportunity to write a book arose, Gisele saw her chance to help more people. But did she really have time to write a book now, mid-career?

A Serendipitous Meeting

Gisele came to the United States from Brazil in 2004 to pursue a master’s degree in information systems from DeVry University. She worked part-time for a medical billing company and soon grew to love the industry. She founded ParaDocs Medical Revenue Center in 2014 in Great Neck, New York.

Gisele became a lecturer with the American Podiatric Medical Association and began sharing her medical billing know-how with podiatrists, hoping to make an impact on struggling private practices. At one such event, Gisele met Nancy Erickson, founder of The Book Professor®. When Gisele learned of The Book Professor’s writing coach services, she said, “One day, when I write my book, I’ll reach out to you.”

Nancy extended a friendly challenge: “What do you mean ‘one day?’” she said. Why not do it now, she asked Gisele? Nancy advised Gisele not to wait indefinitely for the right time, but to make time now for this important endeavor.

Inspired, Gisele exchanged phone numbers with Nancy, and her journey to authorship began.

A Needed Book

Gisele felt that the podiatry world needed the book she had inside of her.

“Medical billing is extremely complex, and many doctors get discouraged,” she says. It’s hard to find high-qualified medical billing experts like ParaDocs, so too many podiatrists (and physicians of all sorts) simply struggle on as best they can, missing out on their practice’s true revenue potential. Gisele wanted to write an easy-to-read overview of medical billing to help podiatrists get up to speed and make more money.

She joined a Group MASTERMIND cohort with The Book Professor® and got to work.

Hardest Part: Starting

“How do I even start this? What do I write?” Gisele remembers thinking as she faced the prospect of writing an entire nonfiction book. The Book Professor® didn’t let her flounder. The program’s curriculum helps authors define their book’s purpose and plot a structure for the manuscript before any writing begins.

Gisele’s purpose statement was “to help doctors and entrepreneurs who want to run their own business be successful.”

Nancy encouraged Gisele to write down all of the questions about medical billing and practice profitability that she hoped her book would answer. Those questions would form the framework for the book’s structure. Gisele was relieved to have direction rather than dive into a blank page with vague ideas.

“To get started is the hardest part,” she says. “Once you have [the writing] rolling, it’s fine.”

Thanks to The Book Professor’s plan-ahead motto, Gisele’s writing was rolling in no time. She found the writing process lighter and more enjoyable than she’d imagined.

Finding the Time

Gisele hadn’t expected to jump into writing mid-career. Could she squeeze that in around a full-time job and other life responsibilities?

The Book Professor® showed Gisele how to make room for writing in her day-to-day life, without neglecting other commitments. Gisele learned to schedule her day for maximum efficiency, to assign every task a time on her planner, and to wake up early to fit in her top priorities first. She gained so many benefits from this scheduling method that she continued using it after the book was finished. She says she feels more accomplished at the end of the day now, thanks to The Book Professor’s time management training.

One of the Gang

Gisele joined a Group MASTERMIND cohort and found herself invigorated by the exchange of ideas with other authors. As each participant read their manuscript aloud and received feedback, the value of so many unique perspectives became apparent.

Gisele’s fellow authors were like her target audience: they had no background in the finer points of medical billing. This made them excellent sounding boards to see if Gisele’s ideas came across clearly. It helped her reduce technical jargon and create accessibility for her audience. In addition, Gisele appreciated Nancy’s strong eye for detail and helpful feedback.

Making the Impossible Happen

The Business Side of Podiatry Revenue was published in October 2021 by Stonebrook Publishing, The Book Professor’s sister company. Gisele’s clients and her connections at the APMA were thrilled with its content, and she looks forward to promoting the book and helping more people.

“I thought writing a book would be a dream far away,” Gisele says. Now, thanks to The Book Professor®, more podiatrists will benefit from her knowledge sooner and she will enjoy the career boost that comes from having a written a book in one’s area of expertise.

“Nancy makes the impossible happen!” Gisele says.

One Day…or Right Now?

Does writing a book seem “impossible” to you, too? Do you plan to do it “one day”? What about all the people who could be helped if you started today?

Don’t wait to share your knowledge and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Contact The Book Professor® to learn more about how you can find the time to write your book now.