Speed up your writing process and finish your book fast.

If you have an idea for a nonfiction book, you’re probably eager to get that idea on paper and find a publisher. However, you probably also know that book writing can take a long time, even up to several years.

But does it have to be that way? If you’re wondering how to write a book faster, we have good news and bad news.

First, the bad news: It’s unlikely that you can write a quality book in a few months or weeks. Although some programs promise this, that timeframe may not allow you to fully develop your idea, organize it well, produce strong prose, and conduct thoughtful edits.

The good news is, you can absolutely speed up the writing process and complete your book in about 12 months—with the right strategy.

If you want to write a book quickly, you’ll need a tried-and-true process to guide you, like the process offered by The Book Professor®. It’s designed to help you write faster without sacrificing quality.

Speedy Ideation Stage

Don’t set yourself up for a long slog right from the start. Before you write anything, your first step should be to develop your ideas and plan your book out.

Why? Because if you start writing without a plan, you may end up scrapping or rewriting plenty of your first draft as your ideas develop. Those rewrites tack weeks or more onto your timeline.

It’s best to begin with a purpose statement for your book—a statement that clarifies who you’re writing to (the audience) and what your book will do for that audience (purpose). For example, you might write a book targeted at young entrepreneurs (audience) to help them avoid common entrepreneurial pitfalls (the purpose). Or, you might write a book to those with a chronic illness (audience) to give them strategies for managing the stress of their illness (purpose).

The Book Professor’s program guides you through the development of your purpose statement first. Anything else would be putting the cart before the horse.


Once you know your audience and your purpose, you must decide what material to include in the book. Quality material makes the difference between a book that fulfills its mission to readers and one that sits on the shelves.

But corralling all of your free-floating ideas into a book structure can take time. This is where some authors make mistakes that cost them bundles of time later on. You don’t want to get halfway through the first draft and realize that you have to drastically change the organization or factor in large amounts of new information. Yet this time-consuming scenario is exactly what could happen if you don’t map out the entire book in advance.

This is where BookMAPs come in. A BookMAP maps out what information you will include, and in what order, throughout each chapter. It expedites the writing process because you avoid massive first draft rewrites. Plus, knowing what information to place in each chapter actually prevents writer’s block. You can’t have a mental “block” about what comes next if it’s already written down for you.

Rough Drafting: Don’t Look Back

One of the most important strategies to write your book quickly is to write the entire first draft without trying to edit it along the way.

Writing and editing are two different skills, and you’ll move faster if you don’t switch back and forth between them as you’re trying to get that first draft done. In addition, the best editing happens when you can step back and see your book as a whole. That can bring clarity on things like the balance between information and anecdote, on how you handle your tone of voice throughout the book, and a host of other things. Try to edit these things during the writing process and you may find yourself changing things only to redo those same sections again later.

This is why The Book Professor® curriculum sets up writing deadlines that guide you through your chapters in chronological order at a brisk pace, with no editing steps until draft one of the manuscript is finished.

Accountability also helps with this step. If you have another reader or editor to look over your work, you have more motivation to actually produce the next chapter, and the next, within a reasonable timeframe. If you slack off, you know someone else will notice. This trick can make the difference between finishing a book quickly or never finishing it at all.

Here again, The Book Professor® program sets you up for success. With professional editors an other readers anxious to see your new work each week, you’ll stay encouraged and motivated to finish that draft.

Editing: Another Potential Slowdown

Some authors face delays to publication because they aren’t sure how to find an editor. Not only do you have to find one, you have to vet them to make sure they do good work. Do they edit up to publishing standards? Do they have experiencing editing books in the same genre as yours? Then you have to negotiate with them on the timing and pricing of their work with your book. This is all before they’ve even glanced at the first page of your manuscript.

If you’ve joined a writing program, you’re likely connected with writing coaches and editors who can do this work for you. That saves you time and hassle with the editing process. The Book Professor® program gives you access to professional editors who will help you edit your manuscript throughout the last portion of the course.

Get Help Publishing

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: publishing can be just as much work as writing. Unfortunately, it’s also just as prone to snags and slow-downs.

Finding a publisher, working on cover art, securing an ISBN number, and many more tasks will add to your timeline. You could spend ages learning about all these things online, or just work with someone who already knows the process inside out.

Many of The Book Professor’s authors choose our sister company, Stonebrook Publishing, to publish their book and leapfrog over all of these potential snags. We work with professional editors and designers who can guide you through every step, every decision, and every hurdle to move your manuscript closer to publication. You won’t have to do your own research or vet anyone’s work. Just follow the guidance of professionals who already know exactly how the process works.

How Fast Do You Want to Go?

So, how fast do you want to write your book? Fast enough that you’d like some help?

Contact The Book Professor® today and strap on your writing rocket pack. We’ll get you to the finish line as soon as possible, without sacrificing the quality of your work.