How to Start Writing a Book: Module Two

How to Start Writing a Book: Module Two

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How to Start Writing a Book: Module Two

Module Two: Write Without Ruts

After you complete Module One: From Concept to Concrete Plan, you’ll be ready to learn more about how to start writing a book in Module Two: Write Without Ruts.

Using the BookMAP™s you created in Module One, you can now pour out your first draft. You have this solid plan to guide your writing!

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BookMAP Two


In Module Two, I put on my “professor” hat and guide you to write compelling nonfiction and create an exciting manuscript. Even if you’ve had experience as a writer, you probably have not written a book-length manuscript, which is entirely different from writing articles or blogs. You want to capture the reader’s attention and keep it from the first page to the end.



Module Two: Write Without Ruts will guide you to:

  • Employ writing tools to accelerate the process and keep your manuscript organized
  • Incorporate the elements of creative nonfiction in your writing
  • Write the elements of your personal story using BookMAP™ One
  • Write the Chapter Silos using BookMAP™ Two
  • Interact with fellow students for discussion and peer review
  • Produce the first draft of your manuscript

At the end of Module Two, you will have a first draft of your manuscript, and will be ready to advance to Module Three: Polish and Perfect! 

Module Two components:

  • Lesson 1: Writing tools / timeblocks
  • Lesson 2: Emotive Writing / Sensory Language / Discipline of Writing
  • Lesson 3: Paragraphs
  • Lesson 4: Show Me The Details
  • Lesson 5: Structure
  • Lesson 6: Pacing
  • Lesson 7: Psychological distance
  • Lesson 8: Conflating
  • Lesson 9: Point of View
  • Lesson 10: Vocabulary
  • Lesson 11: Comparison
  • Lesson 12: Place and Time
  • Lesson 13: Summary and Scene
  • Lesson 14: Happy Endings

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