Public Speakers

Public Speakers: How to Get Published

Are you a public speaker, but don’t yet have a book? When you author a book, it establishes you as an expert, increases your credibility, and helps attract a following.

As a speaker, you’ve already developed a lot of material that will be rich content for your book. The challenge is to organize that material into book format, and to wrap it in a sustainable story format that keeps your readers engaged.

The first step is to prioritize your material, and we do that by developing your BookMAP, which is a visual representation of your entire book. We work through a series of foundational questions to determine the purpose of your book and its audience, and everything in your book will drive toward that purpose for that audience.

If you want a bigger audience,
you need a bigger platform!

How Do Speakers Write Books?

 With a BookMAP!

Your BookMAP is your roadmap as you pull together your existing material and write additional elements to create a marketable book that solidifies your reputation as a top-notch public speaker.


How Do Speakers Sell and Use Their Books?

Well, you don’t have to stand at the back of the room to sell your books!

When you negotiate your speaking engagements, include a book for every attendee and add the cost to your speaking fee. This will be not only be a value-add to the meeting planner, it will free you up to fully engage with your audience before, during, and after the event!

How to Start Writing a Book: Module Two

Let's Get Started

Find the option that best suits your needs to write your nonfiction book.

Personal Book Coaching

Do you want to accelerate and intensify the process of writing your book? One-to-one coaching may be the option for you.

Group Book Writing Mastermind

Our most popular option. Write your book with the support of other aspiring authors in an online group program.

Self-Directed Book Course

For those with a smaller budget, you can experience our book writing and publishing class in this self-directed online course

Resources for Public Speakers

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