How to become an author module one

How to Become an Author: Module One

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How to Become an Author: Module One

Module One: From Concept to Concrete Plan



If you want to learn how to become an author, Module One is the place to start! This is an interactive, online course, and you will build the foundation for your book that allows you to write faster, to be more efficient, and to save precious time, money, and energy.


How to become an author

During Module One, you will be guided to:

  • Understand the overall publishing process
  • Articulate the purpose of your book
  • Determine its place in the market
  • Identify what your book will accomplish and how it will do so
  • Target your primary and secondary markets
  • State the value to the reader
  • Create a book budget
  • Understand the basic elements of book marketing via social media and construct a marketing plan
  • Evaluate the competition
  • Prime the market to accept your book
  • Develop a detailed BookMAP™—a comprehensive plan to follow as you write your first draft

At the end of Module One, you will have a comprehensive plan, and will be ready to advance to Module Two: Write Without Ruts! 

How Module One components:

  • Lesson 1: Basic instruction on writing a book
  • Lesson 2: Foundational Questions one through four
  • Lesson 3: Research methods and elements of a professional book product.
  • Lesson 4: Foundational Questions five through eight, markets and genres
  • Lesson 5: Book marketing overview and social media
  • Lesson 6: Copyrights, ISBNs, refine your target markets
  • Lesson 7: Foundational Questions nine through twelve, intro to book budgeting
  • Lesson 8: Book Budget Worksheets
  • Lesson 9: Intro to BookMAPping, BookMAP™ exercise one
  • Lesson 10: BookMAP™ exercise two, The Power of the Story
  • Lesson 11: Chapter silos, BookMAP™ exercise three
  • Lesson 12: Story dripping, BookMAP™ exercise four
  • Lesson 13: BookMAP™ clustering
  • Lesson 14: Pulling it all together

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