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Group Online Book Writing Classes

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Group Online Book Writing Classes

Group Book Writing and Publishing Program

Your personal book Mastermind

Writing a nonfiction book presents a unique opportunity to change the lives of others through your personal experience and hard-won expertise. Perhaps you’re a business leader, who has invested in others and have witnessed their personal and professional growth. Maybe you’re a life coach looking to transform the lives of a larger number of people through your techniques. Your legacy may be strong, and yet, it is limited to those within personal reach.

You wonder, “How can I reach more people?” 

                                         –Does this sound like you?


What can you share with others that will impact their lives and careers? You can extend your reach and leave an even greater legacy if you share your accumulated wisdom, knowledge, and philosophies in written format. You’re the only one who has your story; you’re the only one who can do it.

Do you wish you had a book writing coach that could help you get started the right way and guide you to complete your manuscript?

You’re in luck! Through three 16-week modules in my exclusive online writing course, I work directly with busy people who are motivated to write books that will make an impact. My role is to help them develop their book concept, organize their material, and write a book that will change lives, save lives, or transform society. This course offers the advantages of a personally available writing coach and the structure of an academic course at a high-value price point.

About the Group Online Writing Classes and our Book Writing & Publishing Program

Some writing coaches suggest that you can write your book in ninety days, or in one month, or even in a weekend. That is not my approach. It takes a lot of thought and effort to construct a quality product, and that takes time.

I want to help you through each step of that journey with my Executive Group Coaching Program.

We put in the time necessary to produce a book that can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with any book on the market.

The worst thing that could happen at this stage is that you rush through and slap your book together, then release it to the world. As people begin to read it, they will discover what a poor job you have done. Instead of raising your credibility, you will sabotage it.

My clients appreciate that we take the time to produce a book that can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with any best-selling book on the market. We pursue the same standards as I do through my small press, Stonebrook Publishing.

The Group Book Writing & Coaching Program is online course is designed for busy business professionals who want to:

  1. Write their business leadership book
  2. Save time, energy, money, and frustration
  3. Do it right the first time
  4. Increase their credibility
  5. Attract a following

Here’s how it works:

These courses begin with a wait list. Subscribers opt-in to a class module and when registration reaches 10 people, we will begin. Ten participants seems to be the prime number that allows for healthy participation by all.

There are three modules in the program:

  1. Module One: From Concept to Concrete Plan
  2. Module Two: Write Without Ruts
  3. Module Three: Polish and Perfect

All three modules are delivered online in 16-week courses with a group teleconference each week.

We start with a weekly teleconference, which is scheduled on the same day and time each week. During these calls, we discuss the lesson for that week as a group. It’s a dynamic process, and you learn a lot from each other and enjoy the camaraderie of other professionals who are writing a book. The typical class has 10 to 15 participants, and all calls are recorded for replay in case you miss one or two.

Accessing the course

During that week, you will log into the exclusive client portal and access the online material, which includes high-quality HD instructional videos, handouts to download and reference during the lesson, and your homework to complete before the next lesson. These online tools are accessible to you at any time of day or night for a full year!

Additional support

In addition, you will also have two separate 45-minute Skype conferences with me to discuss your work personally in greater detail. Your first Skype conference is in the middle of the module during Week Eight, and the other is at the end of the module during Week Sixteen. We use these conferences to hone the work you’ve done and focus specifically on your work, your challenges, and to get you ready for the next step.

The investment for each separate module is $1,200.


Group Book Coaching for Executives vs One on One Coaching


Some executives want to jumpstart the process, and we begin with One-to-One Coaching. They then switch to the Group Book Coaching for Executives track for Modules Two and Three when a class fills.

Other options include exclusive One-to-One Coaching to complete your full manuscript working directly with me for the duration.

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