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How It Works

The Curriculum
There are three modules in the program. Each module lasts 16 weeks:
◦ Module One: From Concept to Concrete Plan
◦ Module Two: Write Without Ruts
◦ Module Three: Polish and Perfect

Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls
Every other week, you'll be invited to participate in a Group Coaching Call where we'll review where you are in the process,  discuss your writing, give you feedback, and answer your questions.

This dynamic process encourages camaraderie between you and others who are writing a book. Group Coaching calls are recorded and are available for replay for one week in case you miss a session.

Accessing The Course
Each week, you will log into our exclusive client portal and access the online material, which includes high-quality HD instructional videos, handouts to download and reference during the lesson, and your writing homework to complete before the next lesson. These online tools are available to you at any time of day or night and are accessible for a full year!

One-on-One Private Coaching Sessions
While you're writing your book, you will have two private 45-minute strategic calls with Nancy Erickson to talk about your work and get specific feedback. You can schedule these calls at any point while you're writing your book.

When your book is finished, our expert team of professional book editors will thoroughly edit your book to make it ready for publication.

Through our sister company and award-winning publishing house, Stonebrook Publishing, our expert team of artists, designers, proofreader, and copywriters will publish your professional book product as a softcover book. Here is what you can expect:
  • 3 original book cover concepts for you to  choose from
  • A thorough proofread of your entire book content
  • A custom layout for your book pages
  • A professional proof copy of your book for your review
  • Books printed via print-on-demand
  • Copyright registration with the United States Library of Congress
The cost to write and publish your book through this program is $25,000.
What You Can Expect
The Curriculum
If you've been looking for a step-by-step program that will take you from your initial idea to a finished manuscript, then this program is for you! There are three modules and each lasts 14 weeks:

Module One:
From Concept to Concrete Plan
14 weeks

You only have to have an idea to get started, and in this step-by-step process we take your idea and develop it for the specific market you want to reach.

In Module One, we  work together to build the foundation of your book, crystallize your message, and then build out two BookMAPs, which are the visual representation of everything that will be in your book. Once you have these BookMAPs, we will write your book brick by brick in Modules Two and Three.

Module One also teaches you about the overall publishing process, and you will complete some preliminary exercises to prime the market to receive your book.

At the end of Module One, you will have detailed BookMAPS to follow when you write and a framework marketing plan.


Module Two:
Write Without Ruts
14 weeks

Now that you have your completed BookMAPs from Module One, you have a concrete plan for writing your book. In Module Two, you use those BookMAPs to build your book brick by brick and produce your first draft.

This is where I put on my "professor" hat and teach you how to write compelling creative nonfiction. You will receive valuable writing instruction, and I will also introduce you to some fantastic tools writing tools that accelerate the process and keep your manuscript organized.

This is where we pour everything out and get it all down on paper, share your writing with your fellow participants and gain valuable feedback.

At the end of Module Two, you will have completed the first draft of your manuscript.


Module Three:
Polish & Perfect
14 weeks

In Module Three: Polish and Perfect, you begin the challenging work of making your manuscript ready for publication. All of our time is devoted to polishing your work and getting it as close to perfect as you can before you engage a professional editor to give it that final spit-shine.

And get ready to read and re-read your manuscript, because we will do that a total of five times — and two of those readings will be out loud. If you want your book to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the other great books on the market, the key is in the editing. We will spend some time expanding your scenes and then divide your manuscript in sections to do the granular editing to activate the language, ensure consistency, balance the message, and polish the grammar and punctuation.

At the end of Module Three, you will have a manuscript that you developed, organized, wrote, and polished. You will have written your book! Then we’ll get it in the hands of a capable editor for that professional seal of approval.

When you finish writing your book, it's not actually ready for publishing.  Every great author has a great editor, and our expert team of professional book editors will thoroughly edit your book to make it ready for publishing. 

Your book will be professionally published by our sister company Stonebrook Publishing

Established in 2009, Stonebrook Publishing is a professional publishing house. This is not self-publishing; you will be published by an award-winning publishing house, and the quality of your book will reflect that.

The publishing process is multi-dimensional and we perform many tasks using our experienced, professional team. Here’s what you can expect:

  • We will produce a soft-cover book that will be distributed to Amazon and Barnes & Noble
  • Our cover design team will custom design 3 original book cover concepts for you to choose from.
  • We conduct a thorough proofread of your entire book content, using 3 separate professional proofreaders.
  • Our interior design team will design the custom layout for your book pages, carrying the design elements from the cover throughout its content.
  • We produce a professional proof copy of your book for your review and approval.
  • We issue your books via print-on-demand, so you have no inventory carrying costs and can dynamically change the content if you so choose in the future.
  • You can order as many additional books as you want and will only pay the cost of printing for your personal orders.
  • Our legal team will register your book copyright in your name with the United States Library of Congress, thereby protecting your intellectual property.
Cost / Investment


Your total investment to be part of the Mastermind to write your book, professional editing, and professional publishing is $25,000. 
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