Now that the holiday season is in full swing, gifts are certainly on your mind. As you rack your brain for the perfect gift ideas for everyone on your list, remember that the best presents aren’t flashy and expensive. The most memorable gifts involve giving your time, authenticity, and focused attention. The best gifts show that you put time and thought into the selection and had the receiver’s unique personality in mind.

gift for writers

Gifts for writers and readers

These are just a few ideas for the writers and readers in your life. Be creative! Remember, the true gift is your time and attention. It is not simply about the act of giving, but also about being present in the moment. Give the people in your life the gift of your time and company and your gift will surely be well remembered.

Personalized pen

A pen may seem like a boring gift, but it could make the perfect gift for writers. There are many ways you can personalize this standard item. You might purchase a wooden ballpoint pen with a quote from the writer’s favorite book or author. You could also get the writer’s name engraved on a metal pen. If you know the receiver is prone to misplacing their pens, buy them a pack of pens in bulk and dress it up with ribbons and a hand-written note about never having to search for a pen again! One bonus tip. You can customize just about anything these days. Why not treat the writer or reader in your life to a custom bobblehead made in their likeness to watch over them? To Design Your Own Bobbleheads, go to

Journal or notebook

Writers need to write somewhere! While many writers do the bulk of their writing on a computer these days, a small journal or notebook is a great thing to keep around in case inspiration strikes them while they are away from the keyboard. Many writers also find that scribbling things down on paper actually helps them clear their head and narrow in on good ideas. You can further personalize this item by inscribing it with a heartfelt note that encourages the receiver to keep writing, no matter what. Take the time to show the writer in your life that you value their words and ideas; that you believe in the story they need to tell. A personalised mug from somewhere like Personalisierte Foto Tasse would also go very nicely with a notebook. Nothing better than a cuppa whilst taking notes!

Coffee and Tea

Readers and writers alike can find comfort in a mug of hot coffee or tea. Writers might keep the coffee pot on while they do some late-night writing and readers can sip on a cup of calming tea while they unwind with a good book. A set of great coffee and/or tea flavors is a great gift for writers and readers, especially if you package it in a cute mug. You can further personalize this gift with custom photo mugs that include the receiver’s favorite photo of family and friends, for further inspiration when writing.


What encompasses the gift of time, authenticity, and focused attention better than a handpicked book? A book is an obvious gift for writers and readers, but it’s important to keep the receiver in mind when you choose the book. The book you choose should say something about the receiver or perhaps your relationship with them. You could give them a fictional world to lose himself or herself in or a nonfiction book to inspire them. Take the time to picture the receiver reading the book and imagine the emotions it will inspire. Find a book that will make it onto their list of all-time favorites to make your gift a memorable one.

Something handmade

Handmade gifts show that you took the time to create something with the receiver in mind. Hand-poured candles are a great gift for writers who might enjoy some calming scents while they work. Bath bombs are a great gift for readers who enjoy hot baths paired with a good book. If you are handy with wood and a hammer, you could build a small bookshelf for your favorite reader’s book collection. If you are not a particularly crafty person, try something simple like a handwritten letter that shows the receiver how much you love and appreciate them. You could also dedicate time to the receiver by sending them a handmade invitation to join you for coffee and your undivided attention.

Give the gift of your time and you are sure to give memorable gifts, year after year.