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The Gift of Following Your Dreams from Author Joe Fingerhut

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Get A SNEAK PEEK Of Get My Book Out! TOMORROW At 2 Pm CST!

Get A SNEAK PEEK Of Get My Book Out! TOMORROW At 2 Pm CST!

webinar how to write a book nancy baumann ericksonTomorrow afternoon, I’m hosting a SNEAK PEEK webinar, “Write your nonfiction book: Save time, energy, and money.”

If you haven’t yet enrolled in Get My Book Out!™, but you are considering it, there’s a good chance that you’re feeling unsure about whether or not you’re ready to jump in and write that first book.

I completely understand.

Since you still have a few days left to decide (registration closes October 22nd) I thought it would be helpful to give you an opportunity to preview the type of guidance you’ll get throughout Get My Book Out!™.

My webinar will be PACKED with practical guidance for aspiring authors looking to write that first book, and it will give you a sense of my approach, how I help authors create books that change lives, save lives, and transform society – all in LESS THAN ONE YEAR.

If any of these apply to you, I hope you’ll join us tomorrow:

Do you want to write a book and don’t know how to get started?
Did you start writing and get all tangled up?
Has anyone ever told you that you should write a book?
>>Click here to grab your spot for this SNEAK PREVIEW.<<

For this initial launch of Get My Book Out!™, enrollment is limited, so be sure to enroll by October 22nd!

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It's time to tell your story. Introducing... GET MY BOOK OUT!™

It’s time to tell your story. Introducing… GET MY BOOK OUT!™

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Three weeks ago, I quietly launched a VIP preview of my new program Get My Book Out!

Today, I’m THRILLED to announce that I’ve officially opened up enrollment for Get My Book Out!™  for EVERYONE who wants to get their first nonfiction book out of their head and into the hands of readers!

Get My Book Out!  is unlike any other program I’ve ever seen – the culmination of nearly 25 years of publishing experience, resulting in a comprehensive program that will show you exactly how to write your nonfiction book in order to:

  • Establish yourself an as expert
  • Increase your professional credibility
  • Share your powerful story, and
  • Make an impact with your message!

If you’ve struggled with clarity – or felt like you’re stuttering to start that first book, but you KNOW you have something to share that people NEED to hear, THIS is your chance to crystallize your vision and write a book that is TRULY POWERFUL.

Get My Book Out! is a step-by-step online system that will guide you through writing your first book. When you enroll in this program, you will receive:

  1. A FULL YEAR OF ACCESS TO ALL 3 MODULES. Taken one per week, your course (and your book!) will be complete in 42 weeks. With 12 months of access, you will enjoy an additional 10 weeks to refer back to any of the lessons that got you to the finish line.
  2. LIFETIME ACCESS TO ALL COMPANION MATERIALS. Each module comes with companion guides, worksheets, checklists, and other materials to help you through the process of writing your book. Download these guides and refer to them often!
  3. ACCESS TO A MEMBERS-ONLY SUPPORT COMMUNITY. As an added support for members of this exclusive first-launch group, we are providing access to our private Facebook group, where I’ll periodically post resources & advice. In this group, you’ll have the support of all of your fellow writers who are going through every step of this process WITH YOU.

If you’re ready to hold your book in your hand, and release that knowledge to the world, I am ready too! I’m holding open registration for this initial launch through October 22nd. If you are ready to get started, click here to register now!

As an added bonus to those who enroll in this program, I’m will be providing 4 BONUS VIDEOS that will help you start to develop that story. These will be delivered in your first 30 days as you develop and clarify your story.

Click here to join Get My Book Out!™  and to start writing your first nonfiction book today!

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How do you tell your story? 1

How do you tell your story?

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All you have to do is tell your story. But how do you explain who you are? How do take your entire life and create a crystallized message?

The first step is to build a foundation for your story, and you can do that by answering these two questions:

1. What’s the purpose of your story?

You probably have some general ideas about what you want to say, but I challenge you to distill those ideas down to a single Purpose Statement before you start. Your Purpose Statement should say, “The purpose of my story is to _________________________________.

Complete that sentence. Bear in mind that it’s one sentence, not a paragraph.

Let me give you an example using my own purpose statement: The purpose of my story is to inspire others to use what they know and what they’ve experienced to make a positive, lasting impact on the lives of other people.

2. Who’s the audience?

If you don’t know your audience, it’s a lot like playing spin-the-bottle in the dark. Don’t you want to know who you’re going kiss before you pucker up?

Likewise, you need to envision your audience. Who do you interact with? What’s their age, demographic, marital status? Are they male or female, conservative or liberal? How do they identify themselves? Complete this sentence: The audience for my story is __________________.

Example: The audience for my story is entrepreneurs and business people.

Pull it all together.

Now pull these components together into a single statement.

Example: The purpose of my story is to inspire entrepreneurs and business people to use what they know and what they’ve experienced to make a positive, lasting impact on the lives of other people.

write your story from the perspective of your reader

Now that you have your Purpose Statement, you will write your story from your audience’s perspective, not yours. What do they want to know? What information are they seeking? What new message or perspective can you deliver? Compelling content always meets the need, and your job is to deliver what your audience is seeking.

To crystallize your message, include only the parts of your story that drives your audience to realize that purpose. Everything you write should drive toward that message, that audience, and that purpose, in order to achieve that result.

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Join my VIP List for the early access to "Get My Book Out!" 1

Join my VIP List for the early access to “Get My Book Out!”

get my book out online class how to write a book the book professorNancy Erickson, a St. Louis-based international book marketer, executive book coach, and international speaker known as The Book Professor, makes her mark by helping aspiring authors write high-impact nonfiction books that will save lives, change lives, or transform society. Her clients include motivational speakers, business leaders, civil rights proponents, public figures, and everyday people.

The Book Professor will be launching an online course this October. “Get My Book Out!” will lead clients through the entire writing and publishing process, from initial concept, to a draft manuscript, to a finished manuscript, in under one year. The course contains three modules, which participants can work through at their own pace. Each module contains 16 lessons. When participants complete one lesson per week, they will finish their manuscript in well under 1 year.

The class is designed for everyone from busy executives who want establish themselves as an expert in their field and build their credibility, to everyday people with inspirational stories that will benefit others. Nancy’s program gives them a concrete step-by-step process that moves them from their initial concept to producing a high-impact nonfiction book.

While some writing coaches suggest that you can write your book in 90 days or even one month, The Book Professor program is designed to construct a quality product over time. The end result is a book that can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with any book on the market.

“I’m thrilled to bring this class to a larger audience. I believe the answers to so many of the world’s problems are locked inside of everyday people. My role is to help them bring their solutions and stories forward and to help them take their message to the world,” said Erickson.

The class will open for registration to the public on October 12, 2015, but Erickson has made a sign-up page available for interested individuals at Those who register for the VIP Waiting List will be granted limited early access on a first come, first served basis.

For a preview of the course, Erickson will be hosting a free webinar September 29, 2015 at 2:00 PM. Participants in the event, “Write Your Nonfiction Book: Save Time, Energy, and Money” will get a sneak peek at the program and will have an opportunity for early enrollment. Register at by September 28 to participate.

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Fill your Fall with an especially meaningful project 1

Fill your Fall with an especially meaningful project

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With the start of September, there are long lines and crisp school uniforms lined up at the bus stops near my house and parents of children headed back to school have more time on their hands than they’ve had in months. Those new-found hours soon become filled with the honey-do lists that have piled up all summer long, but have you considered doing something more with your time?

NOW is the time to write your book!nonfiction book writing coaching book writing coach executive book coach how to write a book

I spent this summer busy at work on some new tools to help aspiring authors get those books out of their head and into the hands of their future readers. The first tool I’m wanted to share with you is my new guide, “How to Prepare Yourself to Write a NonFiction Book.” Click here to download the guide and get started!
In addition to this FREE guide, there are opportunities for you to go back to school as well. I am holding two free webinars in September. Please check out my event calendar for details and to sign up. I will also be announcing a new class starting this October. Watch your inbox for more news soon!I can’t wait to see what you write next!
All the best,
The Book Professor

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Be the Solution: Change the World With Your Book

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by Nancy Erickson, The Book Professor

change the world with a book write a bookDo you ever feel like the world has gone mad? We have so many problems, and they are so complicated that it’s hard to even define them anymore, much less solve them. We know that top-down, organizational approaches rarely fix anything and, in some cases, they make matters worse or spawn bigger problems. You may be tempted to think there are no answers.

That’s not what I think. I firmly believe that the answers are trapped inside of people like you. You know what you’ve been through, what you’ve overcome, and what you’ve learned, but you may not realize how valuable that is.

Delivering HOPE and HELP with your book

There are two things that people cannot live without: HOPE and HELP. But what we need is real hope and real help, not false platitudes that say, “This, too, shall pass” or “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” When you open up and share your story—what you’ve been through, what you endured, what you discovered, what you survived, what you’ve developed, what you’ve learned—you offer real hope and real help to people who are looking for and longing for your answers. You impart real hope to the reader who sees you walk through adversity and come out on the other side. You offer real help as you show them the steps you took to make it through.

My job is to give everyday people the courage to tell their truth and the tools they need to write a high-impact nonfiction book that will save lives, change lives, or transform society. Everything I do in my life and work is based on what I believe is my God-given purpose, which is to connect people who have solutions with people who, in some cases, are literally dying while waiting for that solution. On one hand, there are people like you who have solid solutions to the problems you’ve overcome. On the other hand are people who need your help and are seeking that solution. I’m simply the hallway that connects you.

Only YOU can tell your story

You probably have a book inside of you but think, “I’m not a writer. I can’t do this.” Here’s what I’ve discovered: People who write nonfiction aren’t writers. They’re livers. They’ve lived through something, they’ve been through something, learned something, discovered something, developed something, and they’re busy living their productive lives. They’re not writers because they’re doers, and they’re out accomplishing things.

Your legacy is about the lives you touch and the change you create. When you share what you know, what you’ve learned, and what you’ve overcome, you can make a lasting impact that extends far beyond yourself. You can change the world, one reader at a time, simply by telling your story.

You’re the only one who has your story. You’re the only one who can do it. Your message is bigger than you think it is and will go further than you can imagine.

Be the solution!

If you need help writing your book, let The Book Professor help. Through one-to-one consulting, self-paced online classes and group executive coaching, we have options for everyone. Click here to contact us – or – subscribe to our newsletter below for tips on how to write a book delivered to your inbox.

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"But, I'm not a writer."

“But, I’m not a writer.”

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book professor uniquely you nonfiction book how to write not a writerYou probably have a book inside of you and you/re thinking, “I’m not a writer, I can’t do this.”

Well, let me tell you something; this is something that I have discovered.

People who write nonfiction are not writers. They’re what I call “livers.” They’ve lived through something; they’ve been through something, learned something, discovered something, developed something, and they’re busy living. They’re not writers because they’re doers, and they’re out accomplishing things.

So, if you fall in that category, no worries! That’s why I have developed this iterative step-by-step process to help you learn how to get your book out there. If you keep it trapped inside, you can only affect a small circle. But when you know how to write a book, you establish credibility, you attract an audience, and you gain a following. So if you’re interested in promoting the vision and  passion inside you, but you don’t think you’re a writer, come on board! That’s exactly the type of person I work with.

Your experience is unique. In fact, no one else has your story or has lived through what you’ve learned. You are the only one who can do it, but if you’ve never written a book before, you probably don’t know how to get started. And how would you know? If you want to know how to start a book, how to publish a book, or how to write an eBook, The Book Professor is here to help.

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How Fifty Shades Of Grey Is Like The Measles

How Fifty Shades Of Grey Is Like The Measles

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There’s been a lot of buzz about Fifty Shades of Grey, a poorly written book that became a best seller. This weekend — for Valentine’s Day — it hits the big screen as a romantic love story. Here’s are my thoughts about it.
How Fifty Shades of Grey Is Like The Measles


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How to Plan and Launch a Successful Book Launch Event

How to Plan and Launch a Successful Book Launch Event

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If you’ve been wanting to plan an event to launch your book, this presentation will give you some tips on whether your book is a good candidate for an event launch and how to orchestrate it.

How to Plan and Organize a Successful Book Launch Event

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Resources for Writers

Want to write something brief and get it published immediately? Join! Other writers will rate your article, and you will rate theirs, and this is a good way to build a bank of published pieces.

Need some prompts to exercise your writing muscles? You’ll find hundreds here at Creative Writing Prompts.

Don’t know where to submit your work? Head over to Duotrope, a one-stop shopping site for publications that accept fiction and poetry. This fantastic tool filters submission sites by genre and allows you to track the responses you receive. Easy breezy!

Want to figure out how to make money by writing? Subscribe to Funds for Writers and get regular updates regarding freelance jobs and contests.

Concerned about your grammar? Get help from The Grammar Girl for some quick-and-dirty tips.

Want some basic information about writing and citation? Take advantage of this online writing lab from Purdue University!

Looking for a writer’s group? Check out this comprehensive listing, by state!

Want to know how to write a book that is what publishers want? Join the Get My Book Out! program, written and delivered by The Book Professor, Nancy Erickson!

Want to improve your writing? THEN SIT DOWN AND DO IT!!

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Do it NOW!

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So, you like the thought of writing a book, and you have an idea that keeps rolling around in your head, but that’s all your great idea does – it lives in your head. Wouldn’t you like to get that book out?

It’s hard to start a book. You have so much to say, need to organize your thoughts, you have a full-time job that gets in the way and children to care for after work, and by the time you have time to write, you’re too tired to write. Don’t worry! There is a solution.

One of the best ways to write a book is in small time boxes. I recently heard that you can get your daily allotment of physical exercise in ten-minute increments, done several times a day, which sounds a lot more manageable than slogging it out on a treadmill for an hour. Writing is like that, too.

Do you have fifteen minutes? Sure you do. Plant yourself at your computer or on a park bench or in the front seat of your car and WRITE SOMETHING — maybe it’s a childhood memory you want to capture, or the description of the crisp, fall air that will set a scene, or a conversation you overheard that would make great dialogue. Get it down, and do it now!

I normally feel like I need to clear my head before I start writing, and maybe you’re like that, too. Here’s a tip on how I move myself from overactive brain mode to writing mode in under a minute:

1. Sit down, close your eyes, and take a deep breath.
2. Picture an inanimate object that you find simple to describe. It could be a paperclip, your favorite mug, a pen, a shoe, a penny, etc.
3. Now let the words pop that describe that object: shiny, hard, silver, twisted, blue, slick, sharp, and on and on.
4. Once you’ve exhausted your vocabulary, open your eyes and start writing something that will contribute to your book.

You don’t need hours to write, you don’t have to have all your menial tasks finished first, you don’t even need to be at your computer. All you really need is fifteen minutes and the back of a napkin. If you practice this several times a day, you’ll develop a writing habit and will build the bricks of your book that you can be pieced together.

Learn How to Write a Book