Helen Gennari is this month's Featured Author that recently celebrated with her book launch party for From The Heart of an Abandoned Daughter

Gennari’s autobiography launch party benefitted shelter for battered women

At the end of October my sweet friend and client, Helen Gennari, had a fabulous book launch party for her first book, From the Heart of an Abandoned Daughter: My Personal Journey Through Family Violence and Beyond, which benefitted Woman’s Place in St. Louis, a shelter for battered women. It has been wonderful to see her share her story about growing up with and surviving family violence and her desire to help others that struggle with similar situations.

Helen and I met after she had already completed much of her autobiography, but she needed some help to pull it all together and get it ready for publication. I asked Helen a few questions about her experience and what is next for her. Take a look at what he had to say.

Featured Author: Helen Gennari

How was working with Nancy? What was great about it? What was difficult?

“Nancy has been wonderful to work with. She is a person of integrity and compassion. She is supportive, knowledgeable, and available. The most difficult thing for me has been the fact that all of this is so new to me and I don’t always know the questions to ask. However, I’ve always felt that my questions were addressed with respect and understanding.”

How is your life now that you have completed your book? How do you feel? What have you experienced?

“My life is still very busy, the process of getting the book to print and all that goes with preparing to promote and sell is mind boggling. The best part of what I have experienced is the positive effect it is having on my family who are very supportive–and the many friends and colleagues who seem eager to read my book.”

What is coming next for you?

“I have dreams of a long vacation, time for some R & R. After that, get started on my next book, to be followed by a third. At 74 I hope to be able to keep up with my dreams.”

Any final thoughts you would like to share?

“I now consider Nancy a dear friend whom I hope to continue working with. She deserves the very best. I could not have done this without her and the resources to which she directed me.”

I simply adore Helen and am so thankful there are people like her in the world that will share their time and their hearts with me. Do you need help to get your nonfiction book ready to publish? Contact me today!

Here are a few photos from Helen’s Book Launch:

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