About The Book Professor®

Why Choose The Book Professor®
as Your Book Coach?

There are a lot of book coaches to choose from and, of course, you want to choose one you trust and whose process fits your style. And that’s what sets us apart—the process that our founder, Nancy Erickson, developed.

We help busy professionals write high-impact nonfiction books that will save lives, change lives, or transform society.

Our step-by-step process leads you from your initial concept to a finished manuscript, to a professional book published by our sister company, Stonebrook Publishing.

Our soup-to-nuts approach guides you to write a book that will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the best on the market. And that’s what you want. Not some slapped together self-published book that will get lost in the crowd, but a professionally written and published product that will have a lasting impact on your readers.

Some writing coaches suggest that you can write your book in ninety days, or in one month, or even in a weekend. That is not our approach. It takes a lot of thought and effort to construct a quality product and get your book published, and that takes time.

We don’t subscribe to the write-a-book-in-a-hurry method because it wastes time, energy, and dollars, and ultimately produces a substandard product.

We will guide you to write a book that, when published, will become the platform for delivering your message across multiple venues. When your book is finished, you can pull out any chapter and repurpose it into a workshop, seminar, podcast, online course keynote, blog posts, etc.
No other book coaching organization has such an approach.
You don’t have to be a good writer to author a book. To get started, you only need an idea about what you want to write, and we take it from there. You can even write your book without writing your book.

Learn More About Our Coaching Options

Find the option that best suits your needs to write your nonfiction book.

Personal Book Coaching

Do you want to accelerate and intensify the process of writing your book? One-to-one coaching may be the option for you.

Group Book Writing Mastermind

Our most popular option. Write your book with the support of other aspiring authors in an online group program.

Self-Directed Book Course

For those with a smaller budget, you can experience our book writing and publishing class in this self-directed online course

All About Nancy Erickson

Our proprietary process was developed by our founder, Nancy Erickson, when— as the owner of Stonebrook Publishing—she recognized the people who had the most transformative stories weren’t necessarily good writers. Stonebrook had received many manuscripts where the message could save lives, change lives, and transform society, but they were so poorly written that they couldn’t be published.

So, Nancy spent a year developing a step-by-step process that would turn people who weren’t writers into published authors. That’s when The Book Professor® and its offerings became available to aspiring authors around the globe.

Nancy holds MFA in Writing, is an international book coach, author, editor, international speaker, and she’s taught writing at various colleges and universities around the St. Louis, Missouri area.