Write Your
Nonfiction Book

How to Write a Nonfiction Book

Find the option that best suits your needs to write your nonfiction book.

1-2-1 Personal Coaching

Do you want to accelerate and intensify the process of writing your book? One-to-one coaching may be the option for you.

Executive Group MASTERMIND

Our most popular option. Write your book with the support of other aspiring authors in an online group program.

Self-Directed Course

For those with a smaller budget, you can experience our book writing and publishing class in this self-directed online course

What is The Book Professor®?

The Book Professor® is where you’ll get expert help to write your nonfiction book. Founded in 2011 by Nancy Erickson, we help aspiring authors write nonfiction books that can change lives, save lives, or transform society.

We help our clients write and publish high-impact nonfiction books that will establish you as an expert in your field, increase your credibility, and attract a following. Our step-by-step process guides you to plan, produce, and professionally publish (through Stonebrook Publishing) a nonfiction book that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the best on the market.

And here’s the best part: you don’t have to be a writer to become a polished author. Together, we’ll work our magic on your words and release your message to the world!

Stop Stalling and Start Writing

Kick the Excuses and Jumpstart
Your Nonfiction Book

The ultimate guide to writing a nonfiction book. This book addresses all reasons you may balk at writing your book and gives you the motivation and steps to start writing.

Producing a professional book begins with professional-quality writing, which may feel like a big barrier to you because you don’t think you write well. First-time authors need help to craft and develop a message that resonates with readers.

Before you begin, you must start with the structure of the book and then layer on good writing. Then you can work with professionals to design a beautiful cover and interior for your book. But even if you get the design elements exactly right, they can’t compensate for a poorly written book.

Nancy Erickson is a thought-leader in the publishing industry, and her step-by-step method that helps people who aren’t writers become authors of high-impact nonfiction books is laid out in this book.

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