Here are 10 of the latest books we’ve published, and why you should read them this fall.

Here at The Book Professor®, we’re proud to help authors write inspirational books. We’re even prouder when those authors choose our sister company, Stonebrook Publishing, as their publisher. Stonebrook has released titles from Book Professor® authors from all walks of life.

This season’s publishing roster at Stonebrook Publishing included fabulous memoirs, valuable how-to books, and so much more. From battling illness to building a business, from investing young to figuring out the dating scene, our authors will make you laugh, make you think, but most of all, inspire you.

Happy fall reading!

1. Hey Kid! Wanna Own Great American Businesses?

In his first book, author Patrick J. Keogh outlined his proven method for building family wealth that will continue throughout the generation In his second book, Keogh proves you’re never too young to start the process.

In Hey Kid! Wanna Own Great American Businesses? Keogh outlines a practical and profitable investment plan for teens and young adults who want to invest their money in a way that will make more money. The material is based on the principles shared in his first book, but written to be accessible for teens. “The concepts in this book are the same, but easier to absorb,” Keogh explains.

Hey Kid! empowers a generation of young people to take their own financial future into their hands.

2. Oh, Lords! Who We Date, Why We Date Them, and What We’ve Learned

In Oh, Lords! two women share their dating stories, dating glories, and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

“We want women to enjoy the dating journey, but we also want them to see the pitfalls and learn from our mistakes,” coauthor Jes Averhart explains.

It’s the only book of its kind to discuss dating in the context of “Lords,” or male archetypes that litter the landscape of the dating world. You will meet Lord Journeyman, Lord Contradiction, Lord FOMO, Lord Layaway, Lord Self-Absorbed, Lord At Your Peril, Lord Good Guy, Not MY Guy, and Lord My Guy. When you see these men for who they are, you may start making different choices about who you spend your time with.

You don’t have to be dating to enjoy the humor, insight, and community that authors Jes Averhart and Terresa Zimmerman bring to this subject.

3. What Lurks in the Woods: Struggle and Hope in the Midst of Chronic Illness

Russ and Nicole Bell were an upwardly-mobile, happy couple: two kids, big house, fun hobbies, marvelous life. But something wasn’t quite right with Russ. He became forgetful, he got lost, he became enraged, he was harsh with the kids. And he could no longer be trusted with minor responsibilities.

They visited doctor after doctor after doctor to determine the cause, to no avail. As the formerly brilliant engineer literally lost his mind, the answer finally became clear—but was it in time?

In this beautifully written but tragic memoir, Nicole Bell documents their journey through the medical minefield as they searched for answers and treatments. This book will inspire people who are suffering from chronic, symptom-based illnesses to dig deeper, so they can find and treat the root causes of their disease before it’s too late.

4. Drop the S: Recovering from Superwoman Syndrome

Women have long been told that they can be, do, or have anything—as long as they’re willing to pay the price. Enter Superwoman Syndrome and a generation of highly educated, successful, stressed out, professional moms. Women physicians, attorneys, and professionals are now responsible for their offices, employees, and clients or patients, as well as their home, husband, and children. It’s a burden that only Superwoman could carry. It leads to burnout, extreme fatigue, emotional strain, and physical breakdown.

In Drop the S: Recovering from Superwoman Syndrome, Dr. Marybeth Crane presents a window into the often chaotic, exhausting, and stressful lives of today’s working mothers. This important work will empower you to find physical, mental, spiritual, and financial wellness, and will remind you of what’s important in life.

5. You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know: Building A Million-Dollar Home Staging Business and Selling it for Top Dollar

The You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know book series teaches readers a critical skill not always learned in business school: how to how to sell a business. Whether selling to a family member, key employee, or outside buyer, business owners are often unprepared for all the things they don’t know about the process.

This installment in the series focuses specifically on home staging businesses. Building and selling this type of business has its own twists and turns. Follow award-winning staging professional Liz Connolly and business broker Steven Denny as they show you how to create a home staging business worth millions, and then take it to market for top dollar.

6. Stealth Sales Secrets: The Smart and Sassy Way for Women to Earn What They’re Worth in a Sales Career

It’s not often that a fresh approach to a sales career hits the market, but that’s exactly what Stealth Sales Secrets offers. Written specifically for women, this book lays out a smart and sassy approach that shows women how to earn what they’re worth in a sales career.

Follow Lori MacGregor Cornetta’s career path as she pushes past boundaries and breaks the glass ceiling to earn a six-figure income that was once reserved for her male counterparts.

Now, other women can do the same. Using Lori’s “stealth” modes in all components of the sales cycle, you’ll learn the attitudes and actions that will help you get the sales job of your dreams and become a high-earner. Lori encourages her readers to never settle for less, in life or career.

7. Pies to Die For: How to Live a Vibrant Life Despite a Fatal Diagnosis

Pies to Die For is a how-to against the bad stuff of living with metastatic cancer or other lethal diagnoses—the monsters that attack your frame of mind, so you can’t enjoy the time you have left. It’s also a romp through art appraising; specifically, through the author’s husband and his clients, who have lost art due to death, debt, divorce, and disaster. These stories offer hints about how to cope with losing something beautiful, or they entertain you with the strangeness of human nature, even without stage four anything.

“I decided to write this book because I thought, ‘There are other people who have this condition. I want to tell them what I do that keeps me emotionally balanced and out of the doldrums,’” says author Carole Weaver.

This book is meant to give you tools for your journey, however long or short, so that you live vibrantly, gratefully, and with gusto ‘till the end.

8. Snow Blind: Recovering After the Random Shooting

On a beautiful July day in Atlanta, Bill Johnson was walking to the subway station with two colleagues when a lone gunman jumped out of the shadows and shot all three of them. Bill was the lucky one. The bullet that struck him entered one temple and exited the other, destroying his optic nerve but leaving him alive. The other two men were killed.

Now blind, Bill had to learn to navigate this new, dark world. And he wanted to do it as a fully independent man, just as he had before. For Bill, it was a challenge but not a problem. In fact, just seven months after the shooting, he went snow skiing.

Bill’s extraordinary journey will inspire and delight as you witness him accept his new reality, embrace new ways of doing things, and find wholeness and healing in the midst of the struggles to return to a full and independent life.

9 AfterLife: Waking Up From My American Dream

If you are ready to take your life in a different direction, AfterLIFE will inspire you to do it. It’s the real-life story of one man’s journey toward his true self.

Carlo Sanfilippo spent many years living what he thought was the American Dream: a prescribed path of college, marriage, kids, a house, and all of the things he was supposed to have and do. But he didn’t feel authentic, fulfilled, or in control. It took a series of devastating losses for Carlo to realize that he was living a half-life.

In the aftermath of those events, Carlo jumped off the hamster wheel and created a life filled with discovery, mental release, spiritual delight, and new mastery.

With introspection and honesty, AfterLIFE empowers the reader to live with purpose and to know that change is possible, no matter what type of life you envision for yourself.

10. Truths from the Trenches: The Complete Guide to Creating a High-Performing, Inspired Medical Team

Running a medical practice isn’t easy. If you’ve been doing it for a while, you know that you have to count on your office manager to keep things running smoothly. But how do you find this person? How do you train them to lead the staff so everyone is productive and happy? It’s a delicate balance to achieve.

Full of real-life examples, this book outlines the steps to creating a high-performing, inspired medical team that is both productive and profitable.

As you build your fall reading list, check out this season’s publication roster at Stonebrook Publishing. Our authors will make you laugh, make you think, and most of all, inspire you.