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No time to write the book yourself? No problem!

You can write your book without writing your book!

This option appeals to busy executives who have neither the time nor the inclination to sit down to write. We follow my exclusive process for mapping the elements of your book, then capture the content through a series of recorded interviews. As a ghostwriter using the interviews as a basis, I organize and write the initial manuscript, and we work together to shape it into your book. When you are satisfied with the content, the book cover and interior are designed, and I publish and distribute your book.

About Hiring a Ghostwriter

It takes a lot of time and specialized skill to ghostwrite your book; therefore, this is the most expensive way to work with me. The cost for this option is $35,000, with payments due at specific milestones during the project.


Nonfiction Book Coach The Book ProfessorBUILD THE FOUNDATION. We will work through a series of Foundational Questions to establish the purpose of your book and its audience, define your target markets, and then build your BookMAP™, which is a visual representation of all the contents of the book, to create a solid structure.

Executive Book Coach The Book Professor

Nonfictio book coach The Book Professor

PLAN THE PROJECT. We construct a timeline for the project that includes specific activities and milestones, and lay out the entire process. You will see how the process works and how we will work together!

nonfiction book coach The Book ProfessorRECORD THE CONTENT. Through a series of recorded interviews, we will follow the BookMAP™s we constructed in #1 to capture the content of your book.

nonfiction book coach The Book ProfessorWRITE THE FIRST DRAFT. Your interviews are transcribed, and I will write the first draft of your manuscript. I even help you determine a title that clicks!

nonfiction book coach The Book ProfessorEDIT THE MANUSCRIPT. I scrub that first draft and turn it into a polished book. When you approve the edited manuscript, we scrub it again for typos, errors in grammar, and punctuation problems.

nonfiction book coach The Book ProfessorDESIGN THE COVER AND INTERIOR. We work together with a team of experienced, professional designers to produce a sizzling cover and beautiful interior that presents a top-notch product.

nonfiction book coach The Book ProfessorPUBLISH YOUR BOOK. I format, publish and distribute your book to the top-tier sales spots like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the Apple iBooks store. It’s even converted to an eBook!


At the end of the journey, the book is 100% yours. You own all rights, you are the only author, and you receive all revenue from sales. This is YOUR book!


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