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How Fifty Shades Of Grey Is Like The Measles

There’s been a lot of buzz about Fifty Shades of Grey, a poorly written book that became a best seller. This weekend — for Valentine’s Day — it hits the big screen as a romantic love story. Here’s are my thoughts about it. How Fifty Shades of Grey Is Like The Measles   Photo courtesy

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How to Plan and Launch a Successful Book Launch Event

If you’ve been wanting to plan an event to launch your book, this presentation will give you some tips on whether your book is a good candidate for an event launch and how to orchestrate it. How to Plan and Organize a Successful Book Launch Event

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Resources for Writers

Want to write something brief and get it published immediately? Join Helium.com! Other writers will rate your article, and you will rate theirs, and this is a good way to build a bank of published pieces. Need some prompts to exercise your writing muscles? You’ll find hundreds here at Creative Writing Prompts. Don’t know where

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Ten Fatal Mistakes Made By Self-Published Authors

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Ten Fatal Mistakes That Self-Published Authors Make I own a professional publishing company and receive numerous submissions each year from writers who want to be published. I only work with nonfiction, so the manuscripts are usually from nonprofessional writers who have experienced or learned something that will either save lives, change lives, or have a

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Do it NOW!

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So, you like the thought of writing a book, and you have an idea that keeps rolling around in your head, but that’s all your great idea does – it lives in your head. Wouldn’t you like to get that book out? It’s hard to start a book. You have so much to say, need

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